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Snack Wrap

Fried chicken tenders on a tortilla bread served with lettuce shredded cheese and choice of sauce ranch or honey mustard

Buttermilk crispy chicken sandwich

Buttermilk fried crispy chicken sandwich served on a brioche bun chipotle sauce cabbage & cheese. Try it once it will have you wanting more

Chicken kabab

Marinated chicken grilled served with special basmati rice, salad & hummus & pita

Chicken Platter

Classic chicken platter with seasoned yellow basmati rice, our chicken is first marinated then grilled and served with salad and choice of sauces

Mango Habanero Wings

Delicious Chicken Dishes for Every Craving

Delicious Chicken Dishes for Every Craving
Indulge in our succulent chicken dishes. Try our Middle Eastern chicken shawarma or Mexican-fusion chicken tacos. Savor our juicy chicken burgers or sandwiches. Our menu offers a variety of flavorful chicken options to satisfy your cravings. Whether grilled, fried, or roasted, our chicken dishes are sure to delight your taste buds.

Convenient Pickup and Delivery Options for Flavorful Eats

Convenient Pickup and Delivery Options for Flavorful Eats
Satisfy your cravings with our convenient pickup and delivery options for flavorful eats. Enjoy our mouthwatering middle-eastern dishes, Mexican-fusion delights, juicy burgers, tasty tacos, and delectable sandwiches from the comfort of your home. Indulge in our famous chicken dishes, available for pickup or delivery.

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